Ready to change your relationship with money?

Design Your Life – 3 Days

Build a lifelong partnership with money

As a 21st century woman, you make your own money. You pay your own bills. You consider yourself financially independent.

But are you confident while taking money decisions?


Do you feel in control of your retirement plans, goals and your ability to finance them?


Are you sure your money management decisions are aligned with your life values?

Being financially free is a troubling thing for most women.

We don’t learn about money. We earn less than men. And we live longer.

Despite all this, how do we ensure that money issues don’t interfere with our life goals?

We are here to help you do just that with

Design Your Life

An exclusive three-day mini training program created by financial experts and life coaches to help women gain clarity on their values, understand their relationship with money, and create an action plan for financial wellness.

In 3 days, we give you a simple, compelling, 3 step process that will shift your internal relationship with money ‘from controlling it to celebrating it’.

A true sense of freedom comes when you can make life choices without depending on others.
For that, your money needs to work for you. But if you are unsure where your money is going or how much you should be saving, you stay in a perpetual cycle of fear, overwhelm and uncertainty.

We are here to change that for you.

After this 3-day training workshop, you will leave empowered and be able to take control of your finances with an action plan created for you, by you.

What’s Inside

Wheel Of Life

Understanding your values, needs and purpose before you set any goals regarding money. The kind of life you want. The things that matter to you. The values you live by in your personal as well as professional life.

Relationship with Money

Exploring your money beliefs and becoming aware of the blocks.
What stories, mindsets and behaviours do you carry around money and how it impacts decision-making across all areas of life.

Know Thy Basics

Get a grip over the fundamentals of financial wellness and money management. Using these basics, set financial goals that are in alignment with your values. Create an actionable plan and strategy to get your finances on track.

Is It For You?

At Design Your Life, we know that looking at money can be uncomfortable at first. We have helped 1000s like you explore their relationship with money to feel more confident, secure and in control.

If you are looking for guidance on how to move away from fear and scarcity, towards more clarity and abundance, then this workshop is what you need.

These learnings and the plan, help you become a better decision-maker when it comes to financial wellbeing. It helps you figure out the answers to those ‘money and self’ questions that we all find difficult to answer.

Some important ones being

What are your core values?

Whether you are fulfilling them through your current behaviors and choices?

Are those choices leading to abundance or scarcity?

What can you do about it?

It’s never too late to break old patterns.
Imagine what’s possible when a relationship with money is a true partnership. Let us help you gain the freedom, flexibility and confidence to make decisions that are best for you.

The DYL Mini Training comes at a price of 15,000 INR only, with a lifetime value and transformation.

Live Zoom Training of 90 minutes each for 3 days.

Check your email within 24 hours of sign-up for your customised schedule to join the program.

Learn how to integrate money into your life more successfully.
Come spend 3 days with us at Design Your Life. You will love it!

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