Ready to change your relationship with money?

Design Your Life in 90 Days

Away from financial burden, towards a life of ‘balance’

Design Your Life

A 90-day online holistic wellness coaching program for those who want to gain clarity and purpose in their life, and help others do the same.

Money is a personal issue. We have our own views about how we handle money and what we want to do with it. All other areas of your life somehow or the other depend on it. Yet, for many of us, money is a taboo subject.

Do you put off learning about money and how it can help you achieve your life goals?

Do you feel excluded from the whole ‘money talk’?

Do you keep telling yourself the same ‘money stories’ that are no longer serving you?

If the answer to the above questions feels like a Yes, then you, my friend, haven’t yet experienced the difference between having fun and feeling happy.

Don’t get us wrong. Having more money is not the ultimate goal.

If it is, it can seriously confuse your motivations while making life choices, making it difficult for you to lead a balanced life, on the centrelines of health, happiness, and fulfilment.

Let’s redesign

It’s time to redesign your life. This time with clarity and purpose.

Introducing ‘Design Your Life’, a comprehensive 90-day online program that will answer some fundamental yet life-changing questions for you.

During the sessions and in between them, you’ll be guided to find these answers for yourself and integrate them to create a life plan. You can then take this learning and help your clients find financial clarity and prosperity, in their lives.

Here’s how it works

  • 25 + Live sessions with continued access provided to the recordings
  • Prep work before every session
  • Weekly assessments and planning sessions to promote EXACT goal setting
  • Facilitated discussions with women from across the globe to build a community and network
  • 10 hours of peer coaching sessions
  • 25 hours of paid client sessions

Explore the modules below

1. The Four Energies and Expanded Consciousness Scale - 5 sessions

Humans are made up of trillions of cells. The cells vibrate at certain frequencies depending upon the quality of thoughts we generate every day. It is said that we generate on an average 65,000 thoughts per day and our thoughts create our reality. We as human beings are quantum energies vibrating at various frequencies. In this module, we will delve deeper to understand and reflect on your current state of energy across four realms – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Once aware, we will focus on how to increase your vibrational levels that play a vital role in living a healthy and fulfilling life.

2. The Fifth Energy - Money - 5 sessions

Money is another form of energy that impacts our overall wellbeing and specifically our financial health. It has been proven that when our financial health is not in order it impacts other aspects of our lives and thereby impacts your other four energies. We will explore deeper aspects of your money beliefs, scripts and patterns that will help understand your current relationship with money. When you are aware and able to accept that certain beliefs have been beneficial and some are not, you move forward on what is not serving you by replacing it with empowering money beliefs leading to new money scripts and patterns. This sets you on the path to a healthy relationship with money leading to transformation across many aspects of your life.

3. Coaching Process - 5 sessions

The coaching process involves understanding the basic concepts and skill sets required to help understand yourself better and others. We will focus on some of the key skills in the coaching process – Active Listening, Powerful Questioning, Maintaining Presence, Creating Awareness, Setting Goals, Partnering with Clients. The coaching process will help increase your emotional intelligence as well as provide you with better tools and techniques to work with your clients and add value in their lives.

4. Starting up your Practice - Essentials - 5 sessions

We believe the key to setting up your successful practice is to have clarity and purpose on the why, how and what of your business. We will help you arrive at this through the rigorous process of building your one page business plan and cash flows. And coach you on how to build and nurture your personal brand to attract clients through powerful content marketing and effective social media strategies.

5. Practicum - 4 sessions

4 sessions. Live Sessions with the client gaining clarity and purpose and moving towards implementation of the action plan drawn in partnership with you.

What’s more, you can use these principles and frameworks to set your own financial vision.

Free Bonus:
3 months of Mastermind Program worth INR 35,000

A continued mentorship and guidance facility to integrate your learnings and help you get comfortable with taking the next step

What you will pay

We want to make it the best investment you make in years to come. That’s the why the course has limited and exclusive membership. For the DYL 90 (25+ sessions and 3 months of mentorship) the one-time price is 85,000 INR.

Memberships are open till Mar 25, 2022.

Reserve your seat and become a member with a payment of 50,000 INR.

We understand that flexibility and choice are key considerations when it comes to making an investment.
So for the first batch of attendees, we are offering a smart monthly payment plan.

Enroll now with
9,166 INR/month over a period of 6 months

DYL 90 puts the keys to your wellbeing and prosperity in your hands, empowering you to do the same for your clients.

Here’s what some of our alumni have to say about us

Source: Anonymous response survey conducted by us after 75 days of the Program

‘It was a fulfilling experience. I gained clarity on my goals’.

‘It was a fulfilling experience. I really liked the fact that the coaches are molding us to become better versions of ourselves by demystifying, rewiring our thoughts towards our inner self and moving the needle for us to become future coaches’.

“Rewarding Experience. Before I joined the program, my relationship with money was very bad. I hated it. Now, after completing the program, I have a good relationship with money. Also, before I joined the program, I defined myself first with labels like am a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, sister, etc. Today I see myself as myself. Thanks to the Coaches who brought the awareness in me across all aspects of my life”.

Want more information before signing up? We’re happy to help.

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