Ready to change your relationship with money?

Financial Coaching for Life Coaches

How to make money work for your clients

Are you a Life Coach helping clients with their emotional challenges?

Have you ever wondered how emotions affect money?

Do your clients find it difficult to discuss and manage their finances?

Is this causing a ripple effect of worry and anxiety in all other areas of their life?

Would you want to change this?

The mindset

Not being able to manage personal finances, is an obstacle for many people. It is because those decisions are not coherent with who we ‘really’ are, at our core. As a life coach, you might have noticed this often with your clients as well.

The relationship

Money is where we manifest and exhibit the tiniest aspects of our personality. Our values, ideals, perceptions and needs. Our relationship with money determines how we interact in the world.

The real deal

You might be thinking your clients need a financial expert to navigate this key aspect of their life.

But here’s the deal.

Most of our financial issues are based on our deep seated beliefs and experiences formed during our early childhood, right from the womb.

This is why we perceive and treat money the way we do. You as a life coach can play a significant role in your clients’ lives by transforming their relationship with money.

Here’s why, you, as a life coach are most aptly suited, to help them re-build that relationship.

  • You understand your client’s unique personality type and psychology.
  • You have a peek into their childhood, gender conditioning, cultural background, education levels, and even their romantic choices.
  • You understand their self sabotaging behavioral patterns and how they might be affecting their spending habits.
  • You know what drives them and you can use that information to help them set EXACT goals.

Let us help you learn
‘How to make money work for your clients’


‘Financial Coaching for Life Coaches’

A robust and structured learning program to equip you with the tools and skills required to support clients to

practical solutions to be financially free as a result of working with you as their Life Coach.

How it works

Here’s what you will learn

  • How to uncover the money beliefs, scripts, and patterns that impact all money decisions.
  • How to measure the financial well-being of an individual.
  • How to manage money by understanding the time-tested principles, concepts and frameworks that impact investments and savings.
  • How to integrate coaching tools to help anyone arrive at EXACT money goals.
  • How to co-create and design a one-page financial action plan with your clients.

Free Bonus:
3 months of Mastermind Program worth INR 35,000

A continued mentorship and guidance facility to integrate your learnings and help you get comfortable with taking the next step

We know you care about your clients. We know helping people live full abundant lives is your life purpose and you are pretty darn serious about it.

So why hold back on a key aspect of that abundant life – money.


That’s why this 90 day + 3 months extended Financial Coaching for Life Coaches program works with your active participation and genuine engagement to help you diversify your own coaching practice as well as your client’s financial wellbeing.

A quick glance at what’s inside

1. Your Relationship with Money - 5 sessions

We will delve deeper into your Money Beliefs, Scripts and Patterns through case studies, role-plays and tools. When you understand your own relationship with money it will become a lot easier to connect with your clients and support them in their journey towards a healthy relationship with money.

2. Financial Concepts and Frameworks - 4 sessions

We will explore the time tested principles in financial wellness with a fresh perspective and understanding. The module will involve money management concepts and financial planning concepts, frameworks, guidelines and thumb rules.

3. Co-creating One Page Financial Action Plan with your Clients - 5 sessions

This will be an extremely immersive module that will help you co-create the One Page Financial Action Plan for your clients. This module will involve leveraging on the learnings from the earlier modules along with case studies, role-plays and usage of tools and resources.

4. Financial Coaching vs Financial Advisers - 2 sessions

We will explore the difference between coaches and advisers from a technical and regulatory perspective.

5. Practicum - 4 sessions

Live Sessions of Peer Coaching culminating with the client gaining clarity and drawing up the one-page financial action plan.

What’s more, you can use these principles and frameworks to set your own financial vision.

During the training, you can expect

20 live online classes with world class financial coaches

Assignments and self-assessments

5 detailed modules including practice sessions

Active participation and regular attendance

10 hours of peer coaching sessions

25 hours of paid client sessions

Access to resources and study material

And much more

What you will pay

Financial Coaching for Life Coaches puts the keys to financial health in your hands as a life coach. So don’t wait. It’s time to break through the financial barriers that stand between you and your clients.

We are currently accepting registrations. The one time price for this program is INR 75,000 inclusive of taxes.

But we understand that flexibility and choice are key considerations when it comes to making an investment.
So for the first batch of attendees we are offering a smart monthly payment plan.

Enroll now with
13,750 INR/month over a period of 6 months

Begin to transform your life and that of those around you!

We are keeping the doors open for the first batch till
Feb 12 2022.

This is to make it an exclusive group where we can give our time, energy and thought and encourage the participants to do the same.

Ready to make lifelong community relationships with other coaches?

Let’s make your business more abundant, effective and meaningful!

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